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Bulgarian Real Estate Agency

Дипломы и награды нашего агентстваBy working with us, you have the support of the best real estate professionals in Bulgaria.

The services of our agency, since the opening in the far back of 2003, have benefited many of our clients. Unlike just agents, we're aware of all the latest changes in the real estate market.

We are advised:

We are constantly consulting thematic publications on Bulgarian real estate.
Having reliable data, as far as possible, we actively share with all interested media, interview, write articles, and publish statistics in the section of the analysis of the real estate market in Bulgaria.

They're talking about us.

Many positive feedback from our clients. We'll be happy if you leave your feedback on the Internet about our work.
We're written in foreign real estate publications.
In 2010, 2011 and 2012, we became one of the best real estate sales agencies in Bulgaria. Details in Homes Collection.

Our real estate agency in Bulgaria and Russia is conducting consultations

• By region

Real estate processing,

· Formulation of the GNW and OLM, as well as assistance with visa processing in Bulgaria.

♪ Verification of legal purity of objects.

♪ Help and deal with real estate.

♪ Estimating the cost of objects.

♪ A reputation expert from the stalk company.

♪ Assistance for projects in Bulgaria.

♪ Real property purchase in Bulgaria

♪ Real estate sales.

Some facts about the agency:

The company is open in 2003.

The London office is open in 2004.

The network of agents for all significant regions of Bulgaria 2004-2006 has been expanded.

Russian Mission opened May 2007.

Since October 2007, we have participated in all exhibitions that have proved to be interesting exhibition sites. Our exhibition activities continue to date.
Advice to Russia on issues related to procurement, sale, gift, inheritance, construction, investment, architectural projects, assistance in obtaining visas, obtaining VAW, escorting purchase transactionsReal estate sales in Bulgaria

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