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Real Estate In Bulgaria

недвижимость в Несебре

Not so much in the world of cities and villages that have preserved their multi-century culture and embedded it not only in architecture, but also in lifestyles. It's not enough on the planet where every street, every house, every stone, is part of a wild ensemble, which, as an open sky museum, remains a place for modern life at the same time. The Bulgarian Nesabre is exactly what it is. Nesebra real estate - a combination of the past and the present, a slice of gourmans.

The teeny peninsula, with a 3,000-year history, is free from the petty “newal”. Even decades of socialism have not damaged his wild alleys and magic bridges. Yeah, there's a lot of tourist shops and restaurants here, and what you wanted is a world-class resort museum! And because, purchase of real property Old Nesabre, you don't become a museum exponent, there's even random visitors, some kind of peaceful.

And when you leave the peninsula on the only road past the famous wooden mill, you fall into the other, modern world. Nesbra ' s immovability outside the old blocks is modern houses at different levels; almost as in neighbouring Ravd, St. Vlas, Sunny Berega. Although these houses also bear the seal of a unique neighbour, with divine, frozen walls of the most cozy Bulgarian resort in centuries.

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