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Dish Real Estate In Bulgaria

Low-cost secondary properties in Bulgaria

Дешевая недвижимость в

It is for this reason that cooperation with Life Art leaders is not only a multifaceted choice of low-cost secondary real property for further investment, but also access to the most complete information on the real state of the market segment.

Mining resorts

Black Sea Coast

Bulgarian medical and health facilities

Why is secondary housing cheap?

Most tourists continue to have a major focus on the Black Sea, which determines the rate of price increases in the resort areas. In addition, the secondary market for resorted to real estate today is a priority for investment. In general, low-cost secondary properties are presented in the form of small housing units in four, five and seven-stage buildings, as well as new constructions. With a view to buying a low-cost apartment in Bulgaria and making profitable investments, you receive not only a whole facility ready for permanent residence, but also a built-in infrastructure, as well as an investment start with capital growth prospects.

How do you find a little real estate?

There are several ways in which secondary properties are cheaply acquired in Bulgaria, the main of which are:

Skills from the developer expressed in a discount of 5 to 10 per cent of the final value of the facility;

Investing capital at the start-up phase of the housing complex, which would save up to 30 per cent of the total budget;

Anticipation of " sorrowing proposals " , which would make it beneficial to buy real property and save up to 30 per cent of the budget.

Each of the clients Life Art is guaranteed access not only to competitive prices, but also to various discounts, as well as to a full range of services to accompany primary and secondary real estate purchases cheaply and cheaply.


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