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Real Property Prices In Germany

Real estate market

Иммигранты взвинтили цены на

The purchase of real property in Germany is becoming an increasingly popular form of investment by Russians. The reason is not only low European price measures, but also high asset yields, economic stability and legal security. It is particularly important that there are no restrictions on foreigners in the German market.

In Germany, in addition to classic apartments and houses, locks, villas or commercial real property can also be purchased, which can be used for both income and personal purposes. The commercial spectrum includes income-generating houses, hotels, cafes and restaurants, various office spaces, sports and golf fields, cars, cars and service centres, as well as other business areas.

The main benefits of this type of investment remain reliability, stability, regular income, transparency of transactions and predictability of market development.

According to the reiler survey conducted by the Emerging trends in Europe survey, 43 per cent of respondents considered that in 2016 the profits of business related to business Real estate in Germany, grows, 48 percent believes that the profit will remain at the same level and only 10% is negative. In general, the vast majority of experts assess this market as highly stable.

PwC and Urban Land Institute predict that Berlin will be the best European city for real estate investments in 2016 (Munich was in 2014). Among all European cities, Berlin is the third largest investment in this area: from January to September 2014 it was 2.9 billion me. The reason is relatively low prices and large earnings opportunities. A few more German cities, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt, ranked 4th, 11th and 16th respectively.

German realtors, according to Der Tagesspiegel, note that in 2014, demand from secured Russians and Ukrainians increased significantly, their desire to invest their money in a stable market is understandable in the light of political developments. In Berlin, prices have been growing for 20 consecutive quarters (for the past 5 years). So far, a small apartment on the outskirts of Berlin can only be purchased for 33 to 35,000, although a few years ago there were proposals for 25 to 28,000. Me.

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