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Buy An Apartment Abroad

Like I took a mortgage abroad

Купить квартиру за границей и

Reading regular notes that our officials are buying property abroad, I thought it was time to think about the “home in the village”. Like Prague. What about not a village? Small, cozy, with no skyscrapers, with a population of just over a million, and people around-- all of them.

Anyway, I had a thought. There was no money. That's why the idea was to take a foreign mortgage.

What's wrong?

Assessing your capabilities. What do I mean? Opportunities for stay in Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic. First, annual interest and initial mortgage contribution will depend on the visa or its absence.

If there's no visa at all (i.e. temporary or permanent)buying an apartment. It would certainly be difficult. But you can. I know a lot of cases when people bought housing in Czech Republic, even without leaving Russia, through acquaintances, special firms and realtors. I'm sure it's official.

However, prepare, the mortgage conditions will be “draconian”, at least 30 per cent of the initial contribution and 5 to 7 per cent of the annual increase.

As for the borrower's capacity to pay. Most recently, without official wages or business in Czech Republic, banks gave all foreign clients a turn-out gate. But now there are banks that accept confirmation from Russia. My example is that the bank had 2NDFF checks and confirmations from the Human Resources Department in English.

It would be easier to obtain a mortgage, of course, for those who have Czech citizenship or MPW. The percentage is lower (average 1.5%) and the initial contribution. Such borrowers often provide 100 per cent of the cost of housing.

What are the conditions for me?

So, I had a MPW and... that's all. The rest of the bank's demands were against me. Specifically: income - Russian, initial contribution - zero, no additional real property in Czech territory as a deposit.

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