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Инвестиции Недвижимость

There is no doubt that every full citizen is aware that he will remain silent in the 2015 crisis and that he will not lose his accumulated, not the time. Regardless of the fact that you have a lot of money, or your budget is limited, you need to figure out what needs to be done not to lose, but to reinvigorate them.

They should be invested and made as safer and better as possible and thus be provided with a decent and care-free and the principles of the current pension reform as a safe old age. One way is to buy real property.

Who would have doubted what to do better in old Europe, where politics, geophysics and the economy do not involve land and shocks. Where the microclimate of people's relationship is as soft as nature where cities live, work and learn in harmony with suburbs, where there's a great deal tomorrow for everyone... for both people and homes.

Investing in his personal pension fund, so here in Belgium is a very wise move that will extend youth rather than extend old age. This assertion can be supported by the following arguments.

First argument: the self-imposing of money into income real property, whether abroad or not, is a firm, reliable asset and, in the current global economic situation, preference should be given to North-West European properties. Such assets are the safest way to preserve and further increase capital.

Second The argument is also the general rule of investing in real estate, not only can we hope for the income from renting it, but also the sale. Streamlining the careful selection of the facility can be sold at any time, with capitalization being increased above the amount that had to be spent on the purchase. This is achieved through routine management and maintenance work.

Third argument: There is no need to protect all eggs in the same basket. Acquisition of real property abroad - Great diversification of its assets, which further confirms the following argument.

Fourth argument: The economic situation in the country of acquisition of real property may differ from that of the country of residence. With economic shocks in the latter, it is hoped that the capital invested in foreign assets will be maintained.

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