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Buy A House In France

Real estate in franchise, housing prices

Chateau Des Bonhommes

Paris is the first five of the world ' s most expensive real estate markets and ranks sixth in the world, attracting investors. Cash prices Real property in France varies from Euro6 to Euro25,000. Small studios in the lively areas of Paris are the most popular among investors. The average cost-effectiveness of these facilities is 3-5 per cent. A flat in the Elysey fields or districts 5, 6, 13, where the main universities of Paris are located, can be leased for a year. A studio of 25 to 30 m2 may be bought at a price of Euro150,000.

Ground houses with landing areas are sold in suburbs at a price of Euro5-6000/m2.

Lasour Bank is the most expensive market France After Paris. At the same time, the local real estate is most claimed by foreigners. In 2014, local buyers accounted for only 10 per cent of buyers of elite real estate, valued at more than Euro3 million. The most expensive housing is sold in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferra, Saint-Trope, Eze, Beau-Sur-Mer, Wilfranche, where the cost of apartments is greater than Euro12,000/m2, and the price of villas reaches Euro20-300,000/m2. In addition to the well-known Nitza resorts, Saint-Trope, Kanna, there are quiet, painting and more budget spaces on the Lasour Bank for life - Gras, Yer, Mugen, Le Lavandu, St. Maxim. Real property can be purchased for Euro67,000/m2.

Real estate on the Atlantic coast of France is about 20 per cent cheaper than on Lazour Bereg. On the coasts of Baskov or Lands, in the cities of La Rochelle, La Bol or Bordeaux, housing can be purchased at a cost of Euro2, 5 to 4,500/m2.

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