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Buy A House In The Greeks

Real estate, housing prices


The main reason for the Russians to buy real estate in Greece is the warm climate: summer heat and dry, over 300 sun days a year. There's a beautiful nature in the country: wide platoons, mountains, cut coastlines, cozy boots. The sea is always close, wherever you are, it is impossible to get away from the coast by more than 150 km. There are many free plots under construction and untouched civilization of islands where one can live with nature.

In recent years, housing in Greece has been much cheaper. Between 2008 and 2013, homes in popular islands lost an average cost of 33 per cent. Prices for large objects and elite properties fell by 40 to 50 per cent. The square metre on Mikonos and Santorini is Euro3,000, Euro2,500 on Idre, Euro2,000 on Paros, Euro1,600 on Naxos, Euro1,500 on Serifos.

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