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Buy A House In A Low-Cost France

Real property

недвижимость во францииIt's easy to buy real estate in France. It's hard to choose where and exactly what you want to buy. The choice is indeed great: apartheid in the centre of Paris, student " studios " , houses and apartments in small cities, villas and fabulous private houses in world-renowned resorts. So, first, we need to figure out what purpose you're going to invest in real estate in this country.

Belle France

Real property prices in France They grow constantly despite the fact that the acquisition of housing in this country does not guarantee you a residence permit or a stable job.

Foreigners in the country are subject to very strict migration standards: with real estate in this country, you can get a multi-vide for yourself and for family members with a right to stay in the country 180 days a year. However, the availability of housing does not give any additional advantage in obtaining a residence permit and a work permit.

недвижимость во францииTemporary employment for up to 18 months can be obtained only with temporary residence permits and standard medical examinations.

For permanent employment, the legalization of you by the prospective employer or the existence of a permanent residence permit, which is granted for a period of 10 years and is also extended for 10 years after that period.

Students are allowed to be employed for seasonal work: waiters in café, bartenders, dishwashers or cleaners. Young people can work without permission, but only during holidays.

Francis appreciates himself and his beautiful country. They strongly believe that they do not need foreign workers. Therefore, only a highly qualified, professionally qualified person can gain permanent employment in France. French are willingly invited to the country by artists, scientists (not only humanities but also natural science technicians and experts), artists, etc. One “but”: all these people should have a “gromous name” and be glorified in their sphere of activity.

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