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Dried Houses In Germany

Houses and villas in Germany

Недорогие дома и виллы в

Wills and in Germany Reliable and profitable capital: the FWG economy is one of the most stable economies in Europe and the world, and there has been a steady increase in real estate prices over the past few years, 30 per cent compared with 2007.

High living standards, free education and advanced infrastructure make Germany a popular place of immigration. For older people, the temperate climate and the diversity of curative resorts are particularly attractive.

Owing to the benefits of credit, even medium-sized citizens can afford mortgages. A house of about 150 m2 in a small town can be bought for Euro200,000. We note that in the western part of the country, the cost of real property is on average higher. Villas and homes in Germany in the resort regions are popular: Baden Baden Baden, Freiburg, Boden Lake.

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