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Personal experience: finding a low-cost apartment in europe

квартира в эстонииDay

Buyer: Anna from St. Petersburg

Rieltor: BN Kinnisvara

Region: Estonia, Ida-Virumaa, Narva

Object: 27 square metres flat on Suur Street in Narwe

Price: I17 500.

Transaction: Secondary market purchase in early 2014

♪ Small town, you can walk to any point
♪ I've been hanging around for a long time, buying a single room or two-room apartment. The price difference between them is I2000-3000.
♪ The previous owner acquired this real property in 2010 for Y13,000. I mean, in three years, the price for her grew at 4,000.

Дом в Эстонии♪ Anna, why did you choose Estonia and Narva to buy real estate?
♪ Last summer, I decided to sell my room in a public apartment in St Petersburg. I didn't want to buy a room again, and I didn't have enough money for a single apartment. So I started looking at housing options abroad. I've always had a great desire to get some other life experience in another country.

The apartment and the country I chose five to six months. Speaked all of the “sa” and “south”. There's not enough money for housing in Spain or Italy. And I've been told not to buy cheap objects there, because they're going to be in trouble (e.g. debt, repair, bad area). Well, I wasn't offered budgetary options at real estate exhibitions.

НарваI didn't consider housing in Bulgaria because I know that selling it would be very difficult. I know that people lost the funds invested in Bulgarian apartments. Besides, it's hard to rent a place like this because it's seasonal. Especially if real estate is in the resort complex.

In Latvia and Lithuania, it was only possible to buy apartments in small towns where I was not or knew what infrastructure it was. Besides, the status of the apartments on my budget in the same Jurmal or Liepae has been depressed.

♪ What about Germany? There's a lot of budget proposals in local towns...
♪ Until the last moment I wanted to buy in Germany. In sufficiently developed cities such as Wuppertal, Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Keln, Dortmund and others. From purchases had to To refuse, as it would be difficult to get to the apartment. Plus, there's high communal payments - I'm 200-300 a month.

Нарва Квартира в Нарве

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