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Buy A House In The Greeks Cheap

Purchase of a house in a Greek village - look from the inside

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The advantages of buying real property in Greece.

Greece is available to all. Nice location of the airports. It's about 40 in Greece. In Northern Greece, it is the Mekedonia airport in Thessaloniki. Regular air service with Russia for a year.

Climate and ecology. There is no heavy industry in Greece, and the sea, mountains and 300 solar days a year give a charge of health and beard to all who come here.

Culture and Orthodox religion. Culture, close and understandable Russians, friendship, openness of local residents will help you to feel like home.

It's easy to buy. Low real estate prices. Simple purchase procedure.

Receiving a cartoon or a residence permit. The Multwiza will allow you and your loved ones to travel to Europe, and the WNW will also be able to work.

Low crime rate. It's important to live without fear for themselves and their loved ones. Foreigners bought real estate in Greecethe first time is very surprising: how can you walk around town at night and not be afraid? It's safe to let the kids go to the playground and the young people to the nightclub. This important factor also affects the growth of real estate users in Greece.

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