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Secondary Viability

Cypere Secondary Real Estate Agency, a leader in the secondary housing market in the Paphos area

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Registered Real Estate Agency (No. 669) in the Paphos region, Cyprus.

Welcome to the site, winner of International Property Awards, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016. Our company has a leading position in the secondary real estate market in Cyprus. The base of our secondary housing facilities in the Paphos region is highly scrutinized and the total number of homes does not exceed 100 facilities.Дома Класса Люкс Among these proposals, you will find a complete choice of a good real estate in the Paphos region, from the coastal villas in Coral Bay and Siqueeves, the luxury villas on the hills of Tala, Peyi and Leptos Camárez Village to the central apartments and the Town Houses in Cato Paphos. In the selection of dwellings, we are guided by strict criteria, including factors such as the ownership of real estate, the location claimed, and a realistic market price of sale, as determined from the start of marketing our secondary real estate.

The Cyprus Resales Real Estate Agency, registered and licensed in Cyprus, is a business where every client receives personal attention from British and Russian company owners.Дома Класса Люкс We are ready to share with you the wealth of experience in the international real estate market and to take care of all aspects of your acquisition process in Cyprus. An effective team of our specialists and partners with offices in S-Peterburg, Moscow and Great Britain will ensure that your purchase of real property in Cyprus is a pleasant and unsuccessful event.

Level since 2008 Real property prices in Cyprusin Paphos, there was a significant decline. This factor, combined with our strict criteria for the selection of houses, means that today you have the opportunity to choose the most advantageous proposals for secondary real property in the Paphos region. The range of our dwellings will not be found by any builder. We scrutinize only the best areas in the Paphos region, including Leptos Camares Village, Coral Bay, Tala, Peya and CC, and only the most qualitative projects. All our real estate is offered at extremely attractive prices and virtually all objects have titles or " clean " records from the Land Cadastr.

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