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Can you get a Canadian waist?

"This post has led me to write the last posts/news:
(1) Taxes on parcels
(2) ICN parking price increases
(3) $2,000 in the United States and Russia

I can't be suspected of being involved in the Volgin trolls who read my past subjects, I think he'll understand. Who hasn't read, I'm living in Toronto right now, and I've got a lot to judge from the interior of the Fagnifying West. To be honest, the skirts are probably extra.

Let's just go through the topics from the posts above, which led to turbulence and screaming Doc.

About taxes. I have a personal information website dedicated to electronic cigarettes. And a salesman from the Chinese GearBest store wrote me and said he wanted me to send any electronic cigarette free of charge so I could give her a review. No problem, he picked a cigarette, he informed me that the package sent DHL. In 4 days, I got a text message that the package went to Canadian customs, and now I have to pay $22. Some kind of product went into Canadian territory, paid the tax. The tax will be paid, including for the shipment of personal effects from abroad. Exceptions are for those who recently emigrated to deliver personal effects.

Taxes to sell everything and everything. All prices in stores are tax-free. After the purchase, a tax of 13 per cent will be issued.

Parks. Parking in Toronto is unrealistic, except for remote areas. All the parking lots are paid, there's temporary spaces in some zones when you can park free, and that's not about the center. Parking costs are small, on average around $6/h (300 rub) but the closer to the centre, the higher prices. There's no parking lots outside, all cars are usually on underground parks. $100 ($5,000 rub) a month.

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