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Rental Of Apartment In Spain

Rental in Spain

Аренда квартиры в Испании на

Rental in Spain - underwater stones

I often have to read the phrases from the series: "I'll take the mortgage, I'll buy a house in Spain, I'll give it up and I'll give it up." Or, "I'll buy an apartment from the fall by the spring, I'll rent it, and I'll come in the summer."

Well, about the fall-by-spring deal, it's better to forget about it. Nobody's gonna need this place from fall to spring. I know dozens of flat-houses owned by Russians and empty during this period - owners can't turn them in.

If it is temporary, housing will only be demanded during the high season. You can't go there in the summer.

Now it's about a permanent surrender. Yeah, theoretically, it works. Practically, you can wait with this case for a depressing fracture. No, of course. buying an apartment. In a good place in Barcelona, where there's always a steady demand for rent, you'll probably be able to turn it in. (With a question, what's going to happen: problems below.)

But if you buy a house-house somewhere on the coast, there might be a problem with a permanent lease, there's only a normal demand in the season, and you want to come on your own. Yeah, and if you buy real estate for real change, it's better not to expect that you'll be able to smash the entire season with no serious breathing in a week or two months, even if you give me an attractive price. That is not to mention that when housing is allocated during the season, it needs to be specifically addressed: there will be a lot of problems.

And yet another point that needs to be clearly taken into account is the construction of rainy plans for the purchase of permanent housing. Spain has very different laws.

Imagine the situation. You rented the apartment (house) permanently. We met the tenants-- good grandparents from Valencia. Or Peru. Or Zajopinska doesn't matter. They signed a standard permanent lease contract with a prolongation to three years. They paid for a month ahead of the deposit. And even for the next two months, it's been right. Then they stopped paying. And the Communist who first came in three months is not paid.

You come to your house and you're trying to talk to them - the tenants don't come out, you're not allowed in, and they're calling the police. The police are coming. Going into their house, these people show a lease, then the police come to you and tell you to get out of here quickly. If you try to enter your home, you'll be arrested. You have no right to enter your leased apartment without an invitation from tenants.

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