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Sale Of Houses Abroad

Sale of houses in the Kaluga and Kaluz province

Карта бронирования участков

The section contains announcements on the sale of houses, deliveries and cottages in Kaluga, Obninsk, Maloyaroslavce, other towns, villages and villages of the Kaluz province. It's the biggest choice of extra-urban private houses in the Kaluz province. You get the opportunity. Buy a house. or profit from owners and real estate agencies. The residents of Moscow will be particularly interested in the houses on the Kiev Highway, as well as the Kalius and Simferopol Highway. In the section on the sale of houses, the houses are streamlined by the date of appendices. Using a convenient search, you'll have to find a suitable home.

It is located in the ecologically clean area of the city of Kaluga.
Ready cottages: 120 to 300 square metres. new: Townhouses: 120 square metres + garage + Stock 4!

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