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Cost Of Apartments In Italy

Real property

Недвижимость в Италии

Italy, with its unique architecture, vineyards, beaches, olive groves, great weather, painting nature, the sizeable pace of life, a rich national kitchen, an inexorable lifestyle and high family values, a capital of high fashion and art, is one of the most suitable places for the purchase of real estate.

Italy ' s real estate market is very diverse - apartments, houses, villas, cattage can be purchased, both in the city and in more calm, isolated places.

Italy is becoming more popular every year. The cost of flights to Italy is gradually declining along with the opening of new budgetary airlines, in a way wherever your home is located in Italy, You can get there easily.

Real property in Italy can be bought not only for itself, but also for investment purposes - real estate prices in Italy average 10 to 15 per cent per year and in the most popular regions over 22 per cent.

It is also worth noting that profits from the increase in real property in Italy are not taxed.

A good investment seems to be the purchase of real estate for repair and resale or rent--- well-renovated houses can bring a lot of money in the middle of the season. Government grants are also available for the restoration of beautiful Italian property in rural areas.

Another advantage of the acquisition of real estate in Italy is the low real estate tax, which is around 100 euros per year for a medium-sized land house.

Data Real estate prices in Italy It will be updated quarterly, so you can always watch the new statistics!

Real property

Abruzzo, known as " Italian green heart " , is the most undervalued region in central Italy, the real estate prices in Abruzzo are 30 to 70 per cent lower than in Toscan and Umbriya.

Abruzzo has a unique combination of mountains and seas, which not only makes the climate very useful, but also allows skiing in the morning, and day-to-day burning on the beach and swimming at sea.

An increasing number of people from North Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries are buying real estate in Abruzzo.

Real property in Abruzzo can also be purchased for investment purposes.

Budget flights from many airlines at Peskar airport made Abruzzo more accessible to residents of northern Europe.

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