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Failure To Buy

Living here and now

элитная недвижимость

If you like good wine, delicious food and warm climate, you need to live in Spain. If you're a fan of artifacts, old towns and stories, you need to go to Spain. If you love the sea, Spain is just created for you, there's almost the whole country on the coast.

"Here and now" is just about the country that sat down on the Pyrenas in close proximity to France and Portugal. A country that can enjoy life... Where the great architectural masters of the long-overdue era are harmoniously neighboring with modern mega-cities, the torpedoes continue to be on the cure of corrides, and the sangria gives a light gambling view. It's all Spain, the hot heart of Europe and the magnet for thousands of real estate buyers from all over the world.

Answering the question why foreigners buy real property in Spain is relatively easy. While summarizing the above, it is primarily the sea: in Spain more than 8,000 kilometres of beach and well-developed infrastructure. There are literally everything here: specially created for the residence of pensioners, and traditional child resorts, and, of course, numerous shops, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and entertainment. Housing in Spain is popular and wealthy buyers, and those who are looking for a budget for the sea, where children can spend the summer, parents who can gather around the family and feel the infinite sororority of Spanish life.

Real property value

It starts with minimal Y25,000 (this money can, for example, buy a studio in a popular Rossian Torrevich) and is limited to your fantasy. The value of the stunty villa in Marbel may exceed 1 million. With regard to the average and the most popular segment of real estate buyers, it's apartments worth 10,000. There's a lot of interesting choices for that money, and the point is, what and where to find. Buy real estate in Spain It's practically for any budget, the difference will only be as an apartment or house, its location, and the amount of time you'll spend searching and looking.

Russia and the people of the former CIS in Spain are many, and despite the prevailing view, our compatriots are not market leaders. The English and the Germans hold the palm of the original, because the real estate prices in Spain are very attractive to them.

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