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Real Property In The Spanish Valencia

Real property in Valencia and Murcia, Spain

Жилая и коммерческая

Spanish real estate has long been demanded by Russian buyers. There's something in this warm and welcoming country that values the Russians, the sea. Well, the attractive prices of real property, which have been declining for a long time and which have become fully accessible to Russian middle-class representatives, have only escalated interest.

Of course, the focus is on shore facilities. Therefore, in this sense, is almost the most demanded. Real estate in Valencia and Murcia - This area is also called Levant. It includes four Mediterranean provinces in historical areas. With around 7 per cent of the country ' s territory, it is one of the main attractions for tourists from around the world. And where tourists are, there's a demand for housing.

It is in this region that one of the most affordable real estate facilities can be found. For example, the most attractive options for real estate in Valencia and Murcia can be found in Costa Blanca, which is a pearl region. This is a good climate, 300 sundays a year, and the warmest. Sea in Spain

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