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A Foreign National To Buy The Real Estate Of The Russians

How is it best to buy a flat in a rose without Russian citizenship?

♪ How can it be safer and safer to acquire an apartment in Russia not a Russian citizen (Kazakhstan, Russian citizenship in the near future) what problems might arise? Maybe we should settle the question of citizenship first and then buy real estate?


The head of the legal department of the Premier group, Irina Maevska:

The desire of citizens from the countries of the neighbouring countries to acquire real property in Moscow and Podmoskovje, which had previously been much more expensive, was due to the fact that, due to differences in rates of exchange, it was now more advantageous to buy their housing than to pay for the rent of others.

In our company ' s practice, there are enough cases of foreign nationals buying apartments, especially from CIS countries. Foreign citizens have the full right to acquire an apartment both in the building and in the secondary market on the same rights as Russian citizens. When establishing the right of ownership of the apartment, a buyer without Russian citizenship cannot permanently register at the place of residence, only temporary registration at the place of residence.

In order to conclude a real estate transaction and subsequently register the rights of a foreign national, a Russian passport must be translated and reassured by a Russian notary. A notarized translation into Russian could also be done by a foreign notary, but it would then be necessary to use the document in the Russian Federation to further develop the apostles from the Russian notary.

Contrary to general prejudice, the existence or absence of a valid visa from a foreign national and its type (natural, working and other) has nothing to do with a real estate transaction and its subsequent registration. Information on residence foreign national All documents indicate from his words that there is also no problem in the subsequent registration of the right of a foreign national to immovable property in the Russian Federation.

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