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Rental Of Apartments In Bulgaria

Rental of housing in Bulgaria

Карта БолгарииRemoving apartheid in Bulgaria is a European vacation for more than an acceptable price. Bulgaria is a good sandy beach and affordable living price. In addition, abundance of low-cost fruits, wine, obnoxious, but diverse and very delicious local kitchens will reward any traveller.

The Russian tourist hardly felt the language barrier, as Russian and Bulgarian were native and the local population spoke Russian.

A healthy climate (air temperature in July +25, January near zero) is not a very salty sea, clean beaches and very moderate rental prices are the main recreational benefits in the country.

Rest in apartheid

For family recreation with children, the Sunny Coast, located inside a small bay, is perfect.

30 km north to Burgas and about 90 km south to Varna. Young people are gonna love wild night life, discotheques and fun parties, and there's a shark 10 kilometres from the resort. Even in the high season, it's hard to choose a collateral from the bidding. The apartment in the modern housing complex for 4 adults will cost Euro400-500 per week. There are swimming pools, playgrounds, sports clubs, even with upper-road training.

St. Vlas's resort near the Sunny Berega is glossed by pure sea air. It's not only a good time to rest at sea, but it's also possible to heal the lungs and the whole body. The most advantageous months for rent are September and October.

Although it is possible to take off the summer apartments in the middle of the season, it is better to look for suitable housing in Bulgaria in winter. On our website, you can choose a house or abetta at sea on the resorts of the Sunny Coast, Golden Peskey, Varna, Holy VlasElenaite and others.

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