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Buy Real Estate In France

купить недвижимость во франции

A desire for a European way of life, a decent rest in optimum work, the advantages of quality insurance medicine, a wise approach to education - incentives to buy real property in France to move to that State. A successful acquisition gives the right to a repeated Schengen visa with up to six months and subsequent processing of the GNW. This means practical equality of rights with the French, excluding the right to vote. A residence permit is an opportunity to engage in business in French territory, to move around the EU without difficulty, to benefit from loans, and to receive education in European universities.
France is a country for the taste of life and the spirit. Labour is not welcome here, but the beauty of the moments is gaining great weight. In order to buy an interesting real estate in France, it is worth considering that the market here does not imply a combined value-to-kilometre ratio. Price policy dictates the locality ' s membership in the region, department. In Paris, housing can be purchased at 8,000 euros per square metre, with cost increases closer to the centre. In the suburbs of the romantic capital, the cost of such acquisitions will be much lower. In 100 kilometres from Paris, housing costs four times less than the same in the capital. While the prestigious Lasour Bank is distinguished by censors from Euro14,000 or more. It is not too lagging behind Aquitia, attracting Europeans with excellent conditions and species.
For applicants Real property in France may become a decisive factor. The apartment, the house in the north of the selected city may cost twice as much as the south. As a guarantee, a pre-contract is made with a deposit. Additional costs are tax, agent, notary. The new housing is subject to VAT, and the tax on purchase is declining.

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