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Rental Of German Apartments

Rental of housing in Germany

Аренда жилья в ГерманииFor ten years of life in Germany, we had to rent an apartment three times. The first time we got here and we didn't know what to do. For the second time, we had five years of experience in this country. When we had to find a place to live again, we felt like a fish in the water.

I have to say that in Germany, renting apartments is a perfectly normal thing. The tenant's rights are very well protected here, so nothing prevents the Burgers from renting apartments for a very long time. Especially since your place here has been expensive for a long time. Many Germans prefer rented apartments because it's more convenient to move in case of work shifts. It's not a good job, so often to find a good place, you have to find a place hundreds of kilometres from the real place of residence. But Germans tend to seldom change both jobs and housing.

Quarters in Germany, unlike Russia, are usually not given to mebble. Previous tenants either take or sell all the furniture, and sometimes they just throw it out. The only furniture that's almost taken to leave is the kitchen. 'Cause the kitchens come together for every apartment almost individually, and often the tenants just don't have the capacity to take the closets and shelves with them. Therefore, announcements necessarily indicate the existence or absence of a kitchen. It's often that if there's a kitchen, it needs to be bought from previous tenants. Well, if there's no kitchen, I'm gonna have to buy mine that can turn the tenant into a lot of costs.

Announcements rent You can be found in ads or on the Internet. The largest German site where we can find rent or purchase houses - ImmobilienScout24. Quarters often pass through agencies. In that case, despite the fact that you found the apartment on your own, if you like it, you're gonna have to pay for the mall. It usually amounts to 2, 38 months. Don't be surprised by that exact figure, that is the maximum allowed by law.

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